Revisiting Paris in the Fall

Paris in the Fall

Last fall, I attended a wonderful street photography workshop in Paris led by Valérie Jardin. On one of our morning walks, there had been a bit of rain overnight which provided a lovely sheen to the streets. By mid-day, it was gone and the day turned sunny and bright. Turned out to be one of the gifts – a morning after the rain with the payment still wet and the skies beginning to clear.

Last night I revisited this image to post-process it again. I’ve recently subscribed to and yesterday watched one of the courses about Photoshop taught by Adobe’s Bryan O’Neil Hughes in which he revisited many old techniques and brought to light new and better ways to do things. As I watched his lessons, I was using this image as my test case. One of the points he stresses is using a non-destructive workflow in Photoshop – something I’ve not been doing but will certainly make much more use of in the future. With this image, I’ve got all of the layers saved in the TIFF file which is now in Lightroom. At some point in the future, I’ll come back to it – and continue a bit more post-processing doing some dodging and burning through luminosity masks.

I’m having fun revisiting Paris as I post-process this particular image. It was a quick “grab shot” at the time I took it – as I had fallen behind our group and was trying to catch up. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky – this was one of those times!


Journeyman - Paris - 2014

We were in the Jewish Quarter in Paris – having had lunch at the falafel place I headed out for some solo shooting.

This is classic street photography “stage” shot – you find an great background and wait for someone interesting to fill the frame. In this case, the colors just worked – the red collar and the blue cap against all of this beige/brown.

It helps to capture the arms and legs at just the right spot – that’s mostly luck and, maybe, just a bit of skill.

I shot this with my tiny Canon PowerShot S100 – had it on my belt as my secondary camera while I was in Paris.

Morning Glory along New York City’s Rivington Street

Morning Glory - New York - 2014

This past week I attended Jay Maisel’s Workshop for photographers in New York City. Each morning, Jay wanted us up and out shooting before class began. This image is from my first morning out (Tuesday) when I found this wall along Rivington Street which the sun gently kissed as it was coming up.

This image was taken with my Canon PowerShot S100 and processed in Lightroom 5.

Overhead – A Walk on the Wild Side

Overhead - San Francisco - 2012

Once in a while one of my images just grabs me to be “pushed” – to what it can become. This is one of those – a drab, flat image that comes to life in processing it. It’s an image of a San Francisco Powell Street cable car coming down the hill – shot from my hotel room above.

I shot the image with my tiny Canon PowerShot S100. Post processed it in Photoshop CC to add color and texture – it’s got a lot of style!

The City and the Power of Light

Sutter Street - San Francisco - 2012

I was struck by the work of Chicago-based Marie Laigneau who I stumbled upon thanks to Jefferey Saddoris and a post of hers that he shared on his Faded and Blurred. Her work – in both color and monochrome – is beautiful.

She inspired to go back to some shots of mine from downtown San Francisco – and to try processing them a bit differently. The one above is from February 2012 and was shot with a point and shoot (Canon PowerShot S100). Same with the first one below.

The second image below is from last week’s photowalk with Doug Kaye – shot with a Fujifilm X-E2.

Dusk - San Francisco - 2012

Zellerbach - San Francisco - 2014

Ready to Rocket – Raygun Style

Ready to Rock - San Francisco - 2012

For about a year, back in 2012, the Raygun Rocket stood along San Francisco’s Embarcadero just south of the Ferry Building. It’s gone now.

This is an image shot with my tiny Canon PowerShot S100 of one of Muni’s F-line streetcars – in a beautiful orange and yellow paint scheme – easing on by the rocket with the Bay Bridge in the distance.

A friend commented on Facebook: “Looks like you shot this in 1950!” Indeed!…

Welcome Sydney!

Welcome - Sydney - 2012

I’ve been enjoying going back through my Lightroom photo archive and looking for new opportunities for images.

This is one I came across tonight – I reprocessed it in Nik’s Silver Efex Pro 2 and Topaz Simplify 4 – along with apply a severe crop in Lightroom.

I love the look – brings back memories of our days in Sydney in 2012!

Car 28 on Powell Street

Car 28 - San Francisco - 2012

In April 2012 Doug Kaye and I met at the San Francisco Powell Street BART station. Because of the weather, we thought we might spend our time that day on the trains and in the stations – but when we got to Powell Street we could see daylight so we met in the station and headed upstairs.

This image was captured with my tiny Canon PowerShot S100. I was always drawn to this image because of the street advertising on the left side – seemed pretty cool!

The image was post-processed in Lightroom 5 using VSCO Film 04 and then into Photoshop CC where a radial blur filter helped add a sense of motion to the cable car coming down the tracks.