Where I find inspirations…”standing on the shoulders of giants!”

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I’ve taken a number of photo workshops over the last few years – including great sessions taught by:

  • Cira Crowell – Cira’s week long course “The Language of Black and White” conducted in Santa Fe during July 2019 was a real masterclass for me! Cira’s does beautiful work in both portraits and landscape images and she shared with us her passion and inspiration for working in monochrome. A real delight!
  • Christopher Michel – a week in Santa Fe during July 2018 with Christopher focused on the soul of images. A beautiful week learning from Chris about engaging with subjects and moving from taking to giving in photography.
  • Valérie Jardin – In September 2019, my friend Doug Kaye and I spent a delightful week in Normandy with Valérie and toured from our home base at the Grand Hotel in Cabourg. Earlier, I spent a beautiful week in Paris doing street photography with her in late September 2014 which I repeated in September 2016 with my friend Doug Kaye. I also spent a great week in Rome with Valerie in April 2016 – a perfect time for walking the streets in this great city! I also helped Valerie conduct a two day San Francisco street photography workshop in February 2016. She’s a subtle teacher – who helps you get your best work – and Paris was just magnificent in this early fall setting – see my album from the week! She also hosts at weekly podcast called Hit the Streets which is one of the best photography podcasts around!
  • Peter Turnley – I spent a week with Peter in one of his New York workshops in June 2015 – as much an opportunity to hear Peter’s stories and life lessons as a photography workshop. His stories have stuck with me including my appreciation of his joy of how dance applies to street photography. Watching Peter work was a very special experience!
  • Ming Thein – Superb photographer and teacher based in Kuala Lumpur – I took Ming’s San Francisco Masterclass in September 2014 – see my post here.
  • Jay Maisel – The Jay Maisel Workshop is a five day intense street photography course that will change your life! I took Jay’s workshop in May 2014 – see my post here “Life will never be the same!” here and my other posts about Jay.
  • Dan Margulis – Applied Color Theory Workshop – a wonderful intense four day deep dive into enhancing images in Photoshop – September 2013, San Diego – Spending almost a week with Dan exploring the use of Photoshop tools to bring out the best in images was amazing!
  • Chris Honeysett – North Beach, San Francisco; James Johnston House, Half Moon Bay.
  • Derrick StorySafari West, Sonoma Coast – Derrick knows his stuff and knows how to teach great workshops near his home in Santa Rosa, California. His weekly podcast The Digital Story is one I listen to every week.
  • Michael Frye – Printing, Yosemite, Eastern Sierras, Hidden Coast of California – Michael is the best landscape photography teacher I’ve worked with. He knows everything about great landscape work and his workshops inspire and teach you how to see in that environment. His wife, Claudia Welsh, is a superb colleague for Michael on his workshops – she’s a delight!
  • Harold Davis – Photoshop for Black and White in Berkeley.
  • Mark Lindsay – Lab color in Photoshop – Mark teaches private sessions which will open your eyes to the power of Photoshop and Lab color.
  • Kip Brundage – Cuba – In January 2013, my friend Doug Kaye and I participated in a week long Havana workshop with Kip – organized through Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. We had an amazing time – I’ll always have my memories of that experience as Cuba was on the cusp of beginning to change.

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