Photography Photography - Canon PowerShot S100 Photoshop CC San Francisco/California VSCO Film

Car 28 on Powell Street

Car 28 - San Francisco - 2012

In April 2012 Doug Kaye and I met at the San Francisco Powell Street BART station. Because of the weather, we thought we might spend our time that day on the trains and in the stations – but when we got to Powell Street we could see daylight so we met in the station and headed upstairs.

This image was captured with my tiny Canon PowerShot S100. I was always drawn to this image because of the street advertising on the left side – seemed pretty cool!

The image was post-processed in Lightroom 5 using VSCO Film 04 and then into Photoshop CC where a radial blur filter helped add a sense of motion to the cable car coming down the tracks.

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