Australia Fujifilm X100T iPhone 6 Photography

On the Streets and Waterways of Sydney


It doesn’t get much better than a week in Sydney, Australia. Here are some images from a recent visit – shot with a combination of my Fujifilm X100T and my iPhone 6.

My full album from Sydney is here on Flickr.




Little Man - Balmoral - 2015


That Moment - Sydney - 2015






Beach - Manly - 2015

Australia Black and White Monochrome Photography Photography Photography - Black & White Photography - Canon PowerShot S100

Welcome Sydney!

Welcome - Sydney - 2012

I’ve been enjoying going back through my Lightroom photo archive and looking for new opportunities for images.

This is one I came across tonight – I reprocessed it in Nik’s Silver Efex Pro 2 and Topaz Simplify 4 – along with apply a severe crop in Lightroom.

I love the look – brings back memories of our days in Sydney in 2012!

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Gelatos at Manly Beach

Manly - Gelatos - Australia (HDR)

It’s always fun for me to see what images of mine here on Flickr end up being popular day by day. This is a great example. It’s an image of a gelato stand on Manly Beach in Australia – shot during one of my visits in March 2011.

On this trip, I was shooting in RAW using a tiny Canon PowerShot S95 – and I processed this image when I got home as a single image HDR shot. The HDR (High Dynamic Range) treatment added the interesting contrast and depth to the swirls in the gelato.

I have no idea why this particular image from two years ago suddenly became popular yesterday – but it did. And it brought back my memories of taking the shot – including, something that’s special for a photographer, the smells of the place!

Ah, Manly! Looking forward to coming back!

Australia Black and White Monochrome Photography Photography Photography - Black & White Photography - Canon PowerShot S95

Sydney Opera House in Monochrome

Opera House - Sydney - 2011

In March 2011, we were in Sydney, Australia for the wedding of a close family friend. Of course, while there, we spent some time on the amazing Sydney Ferries.

This image was shot with my tiny Canon PowerShot S95 as we were heading back into Circular Quay. I loved this perspective on the Opera House – and processed it in monochrome using Nik’s Silver Efex Pro 2 and Topaz Simplify 4. I love the contrast and composition in this image – and hope you do too! (Click on the image to see a larger view)

Australia HDR Photography Photography Photography - Canon PowerShot S95

Luna Park in Sydney

Luna Park - Sydney, Australia (HDR)

You can’t help but smile at this entrance to Luna Park in Sydney Australia. This shot was taken with my little Canon PowerShot S95 while we were on the ferry heading over to National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbor. It’s hard to believe that it’s almost two months ago that we were in Sydney!

I post-processed this as a single image HDR – focusing it on the smiley face in the center and desaturating the edges. Hope you enjoy this photo!

For more of my Sydney photos, see this Flickr group.