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Walk My Way – Ferry Building

Walk My Way - San Francisco - 2015//

As the year is winding down, I’ve been looking back through the 14,000+ images I’ve taken this year – and culling through them to look for new possibilities. This image is a “multiple” – in this case two separate images have been merged together to create a single image.

I was sitting inside the Ferry Building in San Francisco – waiting for the 9:50 Larkspur ferry to arrive with my friend Doug Kaye. At certain times of year, like March!, the light is coming from the side at this hour – making for wonderful light and shadow combinations. In this image, the guy with the cart and the guy on the far right were both captured on one image – while the woman walking was from a second image. Both images were captured with my iPhone 6.

India iPhone 6 Photography Street Photography

Back to Kolkata

School Girls - Kolkata - 2015

A few days ago the Wall St. Journal ran this story “Kolkata, India: An Insider’s Tour for Aspiring Photographers” – which brought back memories of my two visits to this city in West Bengal. The author notes “Yes, Kolkata can be overwhelming. Perhaps it really is the deep end of the pool. But once you jump in, the water’s fine.”

My most recent trip was in January of this year – and this image was one shot from my iPhone while driving through the city on my way to a walking tour. More images from my visit to Kolkata are here in my Flickr album.

iPhone 6 New York City Photography

Room with a View in New York City

Room with a View

I’m just back from a quick trip to New York City. No time for any decent street photography – unfortunately – but I caught a couple of fun shots including this one looking out my hotel room window shot with my iPhone 6.

Fujifilm X100T iPhone 6 Photography Photography - Fujifilm X100T San Francisco/California Street Photography

Some Fun with Multiples in San Francisco Street Photography

Walk My Way - San Francisco - 2015

On my last couple of outings on the streets of San Francisco with Doug Kaye, we’ve been playing with capturing rapid bursts of images and then blending them together in Photoshop (using layers and layer masks) to create “multiples” – images with repeated people as they walk through a scene. Doug has also been experimenting with bringing multiple people together in a single shot – see this image of his titled Convergence.

These are a couple of examples – the one up top was shot with my iPhone 6 in burst mode (just hold down the shutter button). The others were shot with my Fujifilm X100T.

Just a little bit of silliness that I hope you enjoy!

Triplets - San Francisco - 2015

Red Shoes - San Francisco - 2015

Deja Vu - San Francisco - 2015

Fujifilm X100T iPhone 6 Monochrome Photography Photography Photography - Black & White Photography - Fujifilm X100T San Francisco/California Street Photography

San Francisco Streets – Mid-August 2015


Summer in San Francisco is always unpredictable weather-wise. Mark Twain’s famous quote is the the “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” It’s always about the fog – and whether it’s dominating the local weather – or whether an onshore high pressure area is keeping the fog at bay.

Today was one of those beautiful summer days in San Francisco – where the two were roughly in balance. There was fog offshore along the coast but it was clear over The City. These kinds of days make for a delightful time – not the coolish foggy overcast but also not an overly warm day either. In other words, just perfect.

I got a late start this morning heading up to meet my friend Doug Kaye – deciding to meet up at 101 California and then heading to one of our favorites for lunch: Tadich Grill. This classic San Francisco restaurant continues to delight – great food at great prices served with attitude. I had the Ahi Tuna Salad special – and it just doesn’t get any better.

After lunch, Doug and I headed up California Street for some street photography. Couldn’t be much better than today!

Triplets - San Francisco - 2015

Window Stripes - San Francisco - 2015

Chicago - San Francisco - 2015

Black and White Fujifilm X100T iPhone 6 Photography Photography - Black & White Photography - Fujifilm X100T San Francisco/California Street Photography

August Streets in San Francisco

F-Line Friday - San Francisco - 2015

It’s August – and we’re back out on the streets of San Francisco.

Here are a few images from last week’s photo walk with my good friend Doug Kaye. All shot with my Fujifilm X100T – except for that image up top which is an iPhone 6 shot.

The light is shifting – we can sense it and see it – and we’re looking forward to the sun dropping lower in the sky each day into the fall. We love those shadows – in interesting light!

The reflections of light continue to capture our interest. We’ve become “explorers of light” – as we turn each corner, our eyes quickly assess the quality of the light – and we move in where it’s great and move on where it’s not.

Turns out that there’s nothing much better in life than getting out on the streets of San Francisco – with a favorite camera in hand, walking with a good friend, sharing a great meal, and digesting the results!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Fixtures - San Francisco - 2015

Heels - San Francisco - 2015

Reflections - San Francisco - 2015

Lean In - San Francisco - 2015


Featurephone - San Francisco - 2015

August Light - San Francisco - 2015

Hog Island - San Francisco - 2015

iPhone 6 Photography Street Photography

Street Photography in Strange Places


Sometimes you come across opportunities in unusual places – such as this shot of the ramp crew lead waving our flight off as this huge United 747 Charter crosses in front of us! Shot with my iPhone 6 – the best camera is the one that’s with you!

Australia Fujifilm X100T iPhone 6 Photography

On the Streets and Waterways of Sydney


It doesn’t get much better than a week in Sydney, Australia. Here are some images from a recent visit – shot with a combination of my Fujifilm X100T and my iPhone 6.

My full album from Sydney is here on Flickr.




Little Man - Balmoral - 2015


That Moment - Sydney - 2015






Beach - Manly - 2015

Fujifilm X100T iPhone 6 Photography Photography - Fujifilm X100T Street Photography

On the Streets of London

Along the Wall

I was in London this week for a hectic few days of business meetings.

Wasn’t able to get any serious street photography time, unfortunately, but did capture a few fun images with both my Fujifilm X!00T and my ever present iPhone 6 shooting out the taxi window.

Hope you enjoy!

Pink - London - 2015


Glance 2 - London - 2015

BMW - London - 2015

Green Park - London - 2015

Sly - London - 2015

Westminster - London - 2015

Heading Home - London - 2015

Food and Drink iPhone 6

Friday Lunch: Roasted Beet and Strawberry Salad

Beet and Strawberry - Village Pub - 2015

A lovely Friday afternoon lunch today at the Village Pub.

This was the special salad – roasted beets and strawberries with goat cheese mousse and balsamic.

Lovely – and delicious!