India iPhone 8 Plus Photography

Mumbai Morning

Mumbai Morning - Nariman Point - Copyright © 2017 Scott Loftesness. All Rights Reserved.

Taken with my iPhone 8 Plus at Nariman Point on Saturday, November 18, 2017. Post-processed with Distressed FX.

Fujifilm X100F India Photography Photography - Fujifilm X100F

Mumbai Markets with the Fujifilm X100F

Last Saturday I took a few hours while in Mumbai, India on business to tour a couple of the major market areas – including the (overwhelming, for me!) Crawford Market. Here are some of the pictures I took using my Fujifilm X100F while walking through the markets.

Thanks to my excellent tour leader Mobin from Mumbai Moments who “showed me the town!” Spark Page

India iPhone 6 Photography Street Photography

Back to Kolkata

School Girls - Kolkata - 2015

A few days ago the Wall St. Journal ran this story “Kolkata, India: An Insider’s Tour for Aspiring Photographers” – which brought back memories of my two visits to this city in West Bengal. The author notes “Yes, Kolkata can be overwhelming. Perhaps it really is the deep end of the pool. But once you jump in, the water’s fine.”

My most recent trip was in January of this year – and this image was one shot from my iPhone while driving through the city on my way to a walking tour. More images from my visit to Kolkata are here in my Flickr album.

India iPhone 6 Photography Street Photography

Up Top – Crossing the Howrah Bridge in Kolkata

Up Top - Kolkata - 2015

When I was in Kolkata, India, we went for an excursion across the Howrah Bridge – to the big train station on the other side. I was shooting with my iPhone 6 out the car window – and captured this “up top” image. I loved the subtle color in the image – and decided to leave in color rather than converting it to monochrome.

It’s one of my favorites from the trip!

India iPhone 6 Photography Street Photography

Walk My Way

Walk My Way - Kolkata - 2015

Shooting out of the car window with an iPhone can be challenging – but it’s also a lot of fun when things come together. This image was shot from the car window with my iPhone 6 on my last day in Kolkata, India. I happened to see him ahead through the front window and fired off a lucky shot. The iPhone 6 helps makes us all great photographers! It’s all about the moment.

Black and White Fujifilm X100T India Photography Photography - Black & White Photography - Fujifilm X100T Street Photography

A Tailor in Kolkata, India

Tailor - Kolkata - 2015

While out wandering one of the neighborhoods in Kolkata on Sunday, I came across this tailor toiling away at his sewing machine in his tiny shop. Shot with my Fujifilm X100T and processed using VSCO Film 04.

Below is a color version – processed using the Kodak Portra 400 film in VSCO Film 06.

Tailor #2 - Kolkata - 2015

India iPhone 6 Photography Street Photography

Crossing the Howrah Bridge in Kolkata

Howrah Bridge - Kolkata - 2015

On Sunday in Kolkata, I did a bit of exploring across the city – including a trip across the Howrah Bridge over the Hooghly River.

India iPhone 6 Photography Street Photography

A Few Images from Kolkata, India

Read and Ride

I recently spent a few days on business in Kolkata, India. Didn’t have much time for photography – but here are a few shots taken with my iPhone 6.



India iPhone 4 Photography

Those Lilypads in Kolkata

Still Water - Kolkata - 2010

Back in the summer of 2010, I went on an amazing trip to India. It was a business trip and I didn’t take any fancy camera gear along.

My first stop was Kolkata (Calcutta) – I’ve never seen such a concentration of humanity as I saw in Kolkata. Our hotel was away from the crowds and had a beautiful pond with these lilypads. This is an evening shot taken with my iPhone. I love the color, the geometry and the texture in this shot.

I hope to go back to India sometime soon – so much more to learn and beautiful people to photograph!

India iPhone 4 Photography

Along the Hooghly River in Kolkata, India

Along the Hooghly - Kolkata - 2010

Three years ago this month I was in India – and my first stop was Kolkata. It was a business trip – and I neglected to pack any serious camera gear – so the limited shooting I did was with either my iPhone or a Canon PowerShot S95.

This image one of the ones shot with my iPhone – probably an iPhone 4 given that date. I was out with a guide in a car touring the city and she had the driver stop along the Hooghly River where I captured this image of the men/boys and their colorful boats – presumably warming up for the day ahead.