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Friday Lunch: Roasted Beet and Strawberry Salad

Beet and Strawberry - Village Pub - 2015

A lovely Friday afternoon lunch today at the Village Pub.

This was the special salad – roasted beets and strawberries with goat cheese mousse and balsamic.

Lovely – and delicious!

iPhone 5s Photography

That Dinner at the Village Pub

Working - Village Pub - 2014

We recently had a wonderful dinner at the Village Pub in Woodside – a top favorite of ours.

On this occasion, we happened to be seated at a table that provided me a direct view into the kitchen through the wood fired grill and the table of wines in front.

Shot with my iPhone 5s – I’ll remember this image for a long time as a great memory of a special evening at the great Village Pub. Oh, and here’s what I had for dinner: “Grilled Pork Chop / Roasted Apples and Bacon Braised Savoy Cabbage” – wonderful!