iPhone 5s Photography San Francisco/California

Figuring Out Vermeer

Oranges - San Francisco - 2014

We headed up to San Francisco’s Embarcadero Center Cinema today for the noon showing of “Tim’s Vermeer” – a wonderful documentary about how Tim Jenison, a Texas based inventor, spent almost five years working on figuring out how Vermeer was able to paint his beautiful images so precisely. It’s a great movie – we really enjoyed it – and this location has great seats, etc. that makes seeing a film there quite a pleasure.

After the movie, we headed to The Slanted Door at the Ferry Building for a delightful late lunch. The Slanted Door’s Saturdays are extremely busy – so reservations were impossible – but we were able to get a couple of seats at the bar after a 20 minute wait. While we were waiting, I shot this image of the oranges with my iPhone 5s. Such a delight!

Photography Photoshop CC Topaz

That Painterly Look…

Easterly - San Francisco - 2013

While I enjoy crystal clear sharp images for most of my photographs, I’ve also developed a taste for a more painterly look for some of my images.

This painterly look is something that can be applied in Photoshop – using either the new Oil Paint filter in Photoshop CC or using the Topaz Simplify 4 plugin. They’re different – and the results are different but both can yield very pleasing results.

There’s something that my brain likes about removing sharp details – and simplifying an image – and that’s what these painterly effects do. Instead of crisp details, those details fall away and just the major elements remain. The effect can be quite subtle – such as in the image above – or more dramatic – such as in the image below. For me, photography encompasses a wide range of techniques – and that painterly look is one I sometimes enjoy in my images.

Both of these images were shot earlier today along San Francisco’s Embarcadero using a Fujifilm X-E1. Doug Kaye and I once again enjoyed exploring one of our favorite San Francisco neighborhoods – along with a late lunch at our favorite: Slanted Door!

Waiting - San Francisco - 2013

Black and White Monochrome Photography Photography Photography - Black & White Photography - Nikon D600 San Francisco/California

Back to the Bay – Vaillancourt Fountain – Québec libre! – San Francisco

Vaillancourt Fountain - San Francisco - 2013

Last Friday, Doug Kaye and I met up at one of our favorite photo venues in San Francisco – Embarcadero Center and environs. Turns out it’s easy for Doug to catch the ferry in and it’s similarly easy for me to take I-280 into town and swing around the Embarcadero to park.

On Friday, the famous (infamous?) Vaillancourt Fountain – Québec libre! – in Justin Herman Plaza was empty of water – and Doug had fun walking into what would have been the pool of water at the base of the fountain and taking some photos.

This is image I shot is a much moodier version of the fountain – quickly post-processed in monochrome – which, to me, brings out its essential randomness!

After a couple of hours of photography in the morning, we headed to one of our favorite spots for lunch at the Ferry Building – Slanted Door. Wow, we had an amazing lunch – it doesn’t get much better than that!

Photography Photography - Nikon D600 San Francisco/California Street Photography

That Milan Streetcar on the F-line in San Francisco

F Line - San Francisco - 2013

As I was walking along the Embarcadero this morning, that beautiful Milan F-line street car passed me by. Truth be told, I almost walked right out in front of it – but fortunately I looked left and avoided what would have been an awkward collision!

AS it zipped by me, I pulled up my Nikon D600 and shot this image – looking into the morning light. I post-processed this image using a combination of Topaz Simply 4 – to remove details – along with a trip into Lab color in Photoshop.

Doug Kaye and I spent another couple hours shooting around Justin Herman Plaza and Embarcadero Center before heading to lunch at one of our favorites: Slanted Door in the Ferry Building.