Lightroom Palo Alto Photography Photography - Fujifilm X100S

Ah Evvia!

Ah Evvia - Palo Alto - 2013

One of my favorite local restaurants is Evvia at 420 Emerson St. in Palo Alto. A long time favorite, this restaurant serves up great Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. In addition to the great food, the setting is also superb – with lots of texture, color and ambiance.

Here’s a shot from a lunchtime visit last August when I happened to take along my then-new Fujifilm X100S. I happened to have a table right across from the oven – and loved this scene with the bread and bread baskets piled high and the copper cookware hanging from the rack above.

This image is straight out of the X100S (shot as a JPEG) with a bit of vignette added in Lightroom 5.

Cooking Photography Photography - Canon PowerShot S95

Home Cooking – Petaluma – 2010

Home Cooking - Petaluma - 2010

Figured I needed to put up a cooking-related image (!), as this personal blog of mine continues to get more page views on my tri-tip steak recipes than almost anything else I’ve written about. Oh, and then there are the posts about my rotator cuff surgery – they’re pretty popular too!

Anyway, back to this image – shot at twilight in Petaluma last year as I was doing a photo walk with a workshop group. This image was pretty noisy coming out of my Canon PowerShot S95 – so I gave it a more painterly style using Topaz Simplify. I also desaturated it a bit – liking the more subtle toning in this version. One of these days I’ll have to go back to Petaluma and give Volpi’s Italian Ristorante at try!