Cooking Photography Photography - Canon PowerShot S95

Home Cooking – Petaluma – 2010

Home Cooking - Petaluma - 2010

Figured I needed to put up a cooking-related image (!), as this personal blog of mine continues to get more page views on my tri-tip steak recipes than almost anything else I’ve written about. Oh, and then there are the posts about my rotator cuff surgery – they’re pretty popular too!

Anyway, back to this image – shot at twilight in Petaluma last year as I was doing a photo walk with a workshop group. This image was pretty noisy coming out of my Canon PowerShot S95 – so I gave it a more painterly style using Topaz Simplify. I also desaturated it a bit – liking the more subtle toning in this version. One of these days I’ll have to go back to Petaluma and give Volpi’s Italian Ristorante at try!