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Equestrians at Stanford Red Barn

Serious - Stanford Horse Show - by Scott Loftesness

Frankly, I’m not much of a sports fan – so I headed over this afternoon – on Super Bowl Sunday – to Stanford looking for some opportunities for HDR photography. It’s been a glorious weekend here in the San Francisco Bay Area – with bright blue skies, temperatures in the 70s, just a delight. Had to get out of the house for an hour or two of photography explorations! One of the blessings of shooting HDR is that mid-day sun and shadows can be your friend.

I had recently met a family who happened to have horses – and they kept them at the Stanford Red Barn. It had been a while since I’ve visited the barn area – so I decided that would be my first stop.

Turns out, there was a collegiate horse show event underway at the Barn – so that provided me an opportunity to try out shooting with my Canon 5D Mark II in modes that I’ve really not tried before. This Flickr set is the result. I was mostly shooting in Aperture Priority using the AI Servo autofocus mode with all focus points enabled. I had the 70-200mm f/2.8L lens wide open at f/2.8.

My favorite image from the shoot is the one above. She’s so serious. Hope she won her event!

I also took some HDR shots using my Canon PowerShot S95 – here’s that set on Flickr. One example below:

Stanford Red Barn - Stanford University by Scott Loftesness

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Go Giants!

From Cafe Borrone at lunch today…

Go Giants - Cafe Borrone

Sports Web/Tech

The Olympics – A Microsoft Experience

In an article titled “Olympics Online, With a Hook” in tomorrow’s New York Times, John Markoff writes about how Microsoft and NBC are offering the Olympics online – as long as you install Microsoft’s Silverlight web browser plug-in to watch it.

Too bad NBC decided to go down this path with its Olympic content this year. Of course, as a new iPhone 3G owner, I’d have much preferred that NBC embraced the proprietary Apple media approach!

Oh well – I suppose I could try to deal with all of this on my virtual Windows XP machine on my Mac – but I really just can’t be bothered.