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Creating an iPhone-friendly Home Page for a TypePad Blog


Over on our Payments News blog, I’ve created an iPhone (and iPod touch) friendly version of our home page. The URL to view the iPhone version is Here’s more about how I did it.

Basically, the process involved building on a basic template that the Six Apart folks have provided in one of their support items titled Tip: Creating a Mobile Friendly Weblog. We use TypePad’s Advanced Templates for Payments News so the process involved creating a new index template just for the iPhone page. The article contains the basic version of the index template that I started with.

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My 2009 Wish: Make Beautiful HDR Photography Super Simple!

This is a bit of a New Year’s Eve rant – and a wish for 2009!

Computers are here to help us make things more productive and efficient. Unfortunately, computers today (including the processors both in my MacBook Pro and in my Canon DSLRs!) have yet to be utilized appropriately in helping us both take the photos and manage the post-production process associated with High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography.

HDR Photography Honda Civic Hybrid iPhone 3G Living Music Photography San Francisco/California

Sunday Musings Heading Home

I was up in San Francisco for a few hours today taking some photos (playing with hand-held HDR again) – and came back along the Pacific Ocean on the Great Highway to Interstate 280 heading back home. The sun was at a low angle in the west while I was heading south on 280 – a very beautiful winter afternoon along the “World’s Most Beautiful Freeway“!

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Stanford’s CS 193P – iPhone Application Programming

This is cool. Jason Striegel posts to the Hackzine blog about Stanford making available its CS 193P – iPhone Application Programming course for free. Something fun to do over the holidays!

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Photos on the iPhone 3G and the MobileMe Gallery

One of the nice features built-in to the iPhone 3G is the camera application which (obviously) supports taking pictures from the phone – but also includes a quick way to upload each picture to your MobileMe Gallery.

You’d think the Photos application on the iPhone would let you view your MobileMe Galleries – but it doesn’t. It only lets you view photos taken on the phone or sync’ed to the phone via iTunes.

There is a way to view your MobileMe Galleries from the iPhone – using Safari, you go to the URL: http://gallery/ – and you’ll find your MobileMe galleries. In Safari, you can bookmark that page and save it to one of your Home screens on the iPhone so that it’s quickly accessible. Nice!

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MobileMe is Working Great!

MobileMe had some teething problems – being part of the massive iPhone 3G launch.

But, for me anyway, MobileMe has really settled down and is working great for syncing between my iPhone 3G and my MacBook Pro.

The final piece of perfection would be for changes on the MacBook Pro to be pushed to the cloud once they’ve been made. As it currently works, you need to either invoke a manual sync or wait for 10-15 minutes before the sync occurs.

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Monterey’s Cannery Row


Having some fun in Monterey.

While out for a short walk early this foggy grey morning, I came upon one of the Steinbeck-inspired paintings along the Coastal Recreation Trail that runs a half-block behind Cannery Row. Photo taken with iPhone – larger version available on Flickr.

iPhone 3G Living Photography Stanford Walking

Walking Stanford

Out with Lily this morning. Here’s the path we walked – a bit over 1.4 miles as measured and we meandered through the quad on our way back so we’ll claim 1.5 miles. We walked it in about 35 minutes – a bit over 2-1/2 mph. The picture of Hoover Tower was taken with the new Apple iPhone 3G!

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iPhone 3G

Trying out a blog post from the iPhone 3G.

Update: So I dropped by the Apple Store at Stanford this morning about 9:30 AM. The ratio of sales folks to customers was about 10:1 – and I was able to acquire my iPhone 3G in less than 10 minutes. So far, so good – although battery life is obviously a challenge – at least on the first day when I can’t put it down!