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Photos on the iPhone 3G and the MobileMe Gallery

One of the nice features built-in to the iPhone 3G is the camera application which (obviously) supports taking pictures from the phone – but also includes a quick way to upload each picture to your MobileMe Gallery.

You’d think the Photos application on the iPhone would let you view your MobileMe Galleries – but it doesn’t. It only lets you view photos taken on the phone or sync’ed to the phone via iTunes.

There is a way to view your MobileMe Galleries from the iPhone – using Safari, you go to the URL: http://gallery/ – and you’ll find your MobileMe galleries. In Safari, you can bookmark that page and save it to one of your Home screens on the iPhone so that it’s quickly accessible. Nice!

3 replies on “Photos on the iPhone 3G and the MobileMe Gallery”

I’d like to know how i can see private galleries…they do not appears reaching gallery from iphone.It seems that i can see only “public gallery”…if i open galleries from my mac i can see it all.Private galleries appears with locked symbol.

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