HDR Photography Honda Civic Hybrid iPhone 3G Living Music Photography San Francisco/California

Sunday Musings Heading Home

I was up in San Francisco for a few hours today taking some photos (playing with hand-held HDR again) – and came back along the Pacific Ocean on the Great Highway to Interstate 280 heading back home. The sun was at a low angle in the west while I was heading south on 280 – a very beautiful winter afternoon along the “World’s Most Beautiful Freeway“!

I had Pandora‘s folk/country rock channel playing on the car stereo (via my iPhone 3G) and the music was just perfect for the road: Eagles – “One of these Nights”, Journey – “Light”, Doobie Brothers – “Listen to the Music”, Jackson Browne – “Running on Empty”, etc.

Wow, it was a great drive home! Rockin’ and rollin’ down the highway in my Honda Civic Hybrid at over 50 mpg!

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