Happy Thanksgiving 2014!

Thanksgiving 2014

Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family today. So much to be thankful for – and this is the best holiday of the year for remembering all of the reasons why!

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

As we head into Thanksgiving week for 2012, I’m thinking about the many reasons for me to be thankful this year – especially for my great family and friends, business colleagues, and my health.

My joy from photography continues to expand – and this harvest scene from Menlo Park’s Cafe Borrone provides just a simple example.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! It’s the best holiday of all!

Thanksgiving 2011


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving today celebrating with our family across four generations – I hope you did too.

Thanksgiving really is the best holiday. A simple time to get together, share a wonderful meal – catch up as best we can although there’s never really enough time. And, grab a family portrait or two.

I’ve got much to be thankful for in 2011 – family, work, a good year it’s been. A close call or two – isn’t that to be expected? More importantly, lots of new learnings to keep me going. Working and learning from friends about photography has been a great joy. Continuing to write and trying to do more. But, I need to get back into fitness again – on my list.

Thinking about past Thanksgivings provides comfort. Remembering the travels to try to get home. Getting home – isn’t that the point of Thanksgiving?

Recovering from Stupidity

So, yesterday we went off to our family’s Thanksgiving celebration. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday – it’s just about getting together, sharing, and enjoying our company. No obligations, no gifts, just us.

Anyway, with my right (camera!) arm still in a sling, I headed off without my trusty Canon 5D Mark II and glass. No way was I ever going to be able to shoot any pictures of Thanksgiving with the big DSLR!

Anticipating this, last week I picked up a new Canon PowerShot S90 – and headed off to Thanksgiving dinner with this delightful new (think left hand!) point and shoot camera! We had a wonderful dinner with family – and I took lots of shots along the way.

Some 150 shots later, I came home and began uploading the photos from the S90 to Lightroom. Somewhere along the way I decided the upload had completed (it hadn’t) and I pulled out the USB cable to the camera and – then – proceeded to format the SD card in the S90. Oh my goodness – why did I do that? Beats me – but I did.

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