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Talk to Me

Talk to Me - South Beach - 2013

South Beach in Miami is something else. Wish I could walk there every sunrise and sunset!

On our way to Havana, Doug Kaye and I arrived a day early so that we could shoot South Beach in the late evening just after our flight arrived and then the next morning. It’s such a great place for photography – street photography at its finest.

Shortly after we arrived that morning, we walked past this couple on our way to the beach. Seemed to me there was some interesting conversation going on – so we walked past and I turned and captured this shot.

Shot with a Nikon D600. Post-processed in Lightroom 5 with VSCO Film.

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Crafting an iPad Wallpaper – On South Beach

Easy Rider - Miami Beach - 2013

There’s something about some photos that just grab you. When Doug Kaye and I were exploring South Pointe Park and the beach heading north from there in late January 2013, we came across this bicycle, probably one of the local rentals, hitched up to a post right on the beach. Wow. You start thinking that it’s one of those special moments – where it doesn’t get better than this. So, you take the shot.

As I was looking back at this image today, I thought that it might be a good candidate for an iPad wallpaper – for my lock screen. Seeing it brings me back to that lovely morning – just walking up the beach, a peaceful easy feeling indeed.

So, I decided to try making it into an iPad wallpaper image for my lock screen. I pulled it into a 2048×2048 square image at 264 dpi (for iPad’s with a Retina Display) in Photoshop CS6. I adjust the image placement for the rotation that the iPad does between portrait and landscape – brought down the highlights a bit and then tucked in my contact information.

Here’s a generic version of the result:

Bike at the Beach-iPad Wallpaper-generic

I made a similar image a few years ago – which has been my iPad’s lock screen image from then until today.

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A Peaceful Easy Feeling – On the Beach in Miami Beach

Easy Rider - Miami Beach - 2013

Before we headed to Havana for our amazing visit there a month ago, we went into Miami a day early – shooting South Beach late at night and again the next morning.

But before getting to South Beach that Tuesday morning, we went to South Pointe Park – and walked around the point along the beach. It was a beautiful morning – one of those amazing days in the middle of winter where you realize why some folks really like living in Miami – and you’re envious!

Along the way, we captured some beach scenes – including this one above of a bicycle hitched up to a post.

And, below, another shot – of my photo buddy Doug Kaye as we were shooting each other on the beach!

Doug Kaye - Miami Beach - 2013

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South Beach at Night

14th Street Restrooms - Ocean Drive - South Beach, Florida

One our way early last week to Havana, Doug Kaye and I got into Miami a day early and had a delightful late evening stroll up Ocean Drive in South Beach – cameras in hand. Doug brought his “big” Nikon D600. I brought my tiny Canon PowerShot S100. We had a lot of fun – the neon lights were great, the people were, as they say, very interesting, and the weather was balmy and delightful.

This image is of the public restrooms at 14th Street and Ocean Drive. Almost looks like it came out of an Edward Hopper painting from the 1930’s!

More of my South Beach at night photos are in this set on Flickr.

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The End of January

Untouchable - South Beach - 2013

It’s the end of January – and a bright, sunny morning back home in Menlo Park. Stepping outside this morning, there’s a freshness in the morning air. Spring seems just around the corner.

I’m back from an amazing 10 days – first to Miami and South Beach and then on to Havana, Cuba for a week long Person to Person cultural exchange program. I’ve got lots of reflections from this trip – which I’ll be writing about soon. And some beautiful photography – especially of the wonderfully open people of Havana.

Meanwhile, it’s really good to be home – as it always is.