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Chris Honeysett

One of my favorite photographers, San Francisco-based Chris Honeysett, is having his annual holiday showing this weekend at the Gatehouse at Fort Mason in San Francisco. We went last night – a blustery and windy evening along the Marina Green – and couldn’t resist adding to our collection!


Pix – Using the Canon Powershot S500 in Manual Mode

I decided for several reasons to leave the “big” camera (a new Canon 30D) behind on the recent trip to France – and shot the whole trip using my trusty Canon Powershot S500.

A day or two into the trip, I decided I wanted to get acquainted with the manual mode capabilities of the S500 – I’d never paid any attention to manual mode before. I’d brought along one of my PowerBooks to be able to offload images to – and also brought the PDF of the S500 manual. As a result most of the Flickr sets have pictures taken in the S500’s manual mode – which I learned to really enjoy!

There’s a whole book yet to be written about using these little Canon beauties in their manual modes!


Out Exploring With A New Canon 30D

Sunflower – Palo Alto
Originally uploaded by SJL.

I’m a new Canon 30D owner – my first digital SLR – and have been having a great deal of fun exploring with this camera. I was out exploring this morning with my new Canon 30D and came across this beautiful sunflower in the Palo Alto Community Garden.

The beauty of the colors and the simplicity of its basic operation are the two big advantages of the 30D for me.

My everyday 30D lens has turned out to be the 18-200 mm Tamron zoom. It’s just great outdoors with its wide range of focal length.

I’ve also had a lot of fun (especially as a new grandpa) shooting with a Canon 50mm/1.8 lens as well – indoors without flash. For more of that kind of shooting, I’m now lusting after the Sigma 30mm/1.4 lens that Phil Greenspun writes about.

I’ve had one problem with my 30D – a tiny hair in the viewfinder (inside the camera body) which I was able to resolve myself (fortunately).

Otherwise, the 30D has just been a delight for me to use. It’s so rock solid in its feel yet such an easy shoot for an amateur like me!


Some New Photos Posted

Here are two links to a few new photos recently posted here: USAF Thunderbirds and the beautiful Sharon Park.


In the White House – April 2001

Scott Loftesness at the White House

Not sure why I was browsing through some old photographs earlier tonight – but while doing so I came across this shot of me in the White House Briefing Room on April 12, 2001. We were there thanks to my Glenbrook co-founder Allen Weinberg’s connections with a senior White House correspondent while we were in Washington with our first -ever- client.

Those were the days before 9/11 – and we came into the White House late in the afternoon for an escorted look around. It was amazing. I almost walked into the Oval Office with my camera – before being politely shoo’d away back down the hallway. I’m sure things are very different now.

It’s fun to remember that time – a much more innocent and open time it was. Me in my short sleeve shirt standing in the White House Briefing Room.

Who would have thought?