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Apple’s Aperture World Tour

I attended this afternoon’s San Francisco edition of the Apple Aperture World Tour and came away even more impressed with Apple’s latest effort at managing a digital photographer’s workflow.

I’ve been using Aperture 2.0 myself since it came out – but, as is always the case, when you see experts doing their thing using the same software you thought you already knew, you learn lots of new tricks. I had pretty much abandoned Aperture 1.5 in favor of Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom – but the enhancements in this latest version of Aperture won me back!

Today’s World Tour program was introduced by Apple Senior Product Manager Joe Schorr who told the story of how Aperture evolved from 1.0 through 1.5 to 2.0. It was interesting to hear Joe’s story about how the evolution to 2.0 happened – but the meat of today’s presentation was handled superbly by Apple’s Martin Gisborne. Martin took us through Aperture 2.0’s paces – opening up my eyes to features I never knew existed.

Professional photographer David Bergman shared his typical Aperture workflow with us – quickly using it to rank about 145 photos from a shoot he did in New York City last week. It was fun to see him run Aperture through its paces! Derrick Story posts a bit more about David’s somewhat ruthless (!) star rating technique.

A truly great, eye-opening afternoon! Thanks Apple!

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