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Not Just Another Father’s Day Sunday

It was an especially poignant Sunday morning watching the tribute to Tim Russert on Meet the Press today. That empty moderator’s chair. Such great remembrances from his close colleagues. And, Tim’s final Father’s Day fairwell.

So many important lessons about living life can be learned from Tim. Perhaps the most important – just “stay in touch.”

Last night, I watched The Bucket List – yet another one of those lessons about how much of life is really all about just finding the joy in your life.

We have so many things to be grateful – and joyful – for. They’re truly impossible to count, as if counting them even mattered – after all.

Coming home this afternoon, I stopped by the Niles Canyon Railway in Sunol. Once a key link in the original transcontinental railroad, today this railway brings joy to riders who simply want to experience a great train ride out in the open air with their friends and loved ones. Indeed, it’s all about finding that joy. Kudos to the Pacific Locomotive Association for so publicly sharing their passions about railroading – and enabling that joy.

Go get ’em!

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