Black and White Monochrome Photography Photography Photography - Black & White San Francisco/California

That Palace

That Palace - San Francisco - 2013

One of my favorite spots in San Francisco is the Palace of Fine Arts. It’s such a beautiful setting and the people watching is always great as well.

In this image, I’ve used a painterly approach – adding a bit of texture and smoothing out some of the detail. I kept the colors bright – as that’s how I remembered the day.

The monochrome image below – titled “Power and Glory” – provides a different emotional dimension – one of strength and detail.

Power and Glory - San Francisco - 2013

Black and White Lightroom Monochrome Photography Photography Photography - Black & White San Francisco/California

The Power and the Glory

Power and Glory - San Francisco - 2013

Sometimes the camera angle adds to the power of an image. That and the lens.

Here’s an example – shot with my Nikon D600 at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts.

Post-processed in Lightroom with VSCO Film. That image title just popped into my head as I was processing this image – lots of power and glory indeed!

Photography Photography - Nikon D600 San Francisco/California Topaz

That Ice Cream Man at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco

Ice Cream - Palace of Fine Arts - 2013

This afternoon I joined a Google+ photo walk in San Francisco. While the main group headed west towards Fort Point, Doug Kaye and I (along with his wife Cessna) peeled off and headed over to the Palace of Fine Arts – another one of our favorite locations.

Here’s an unusual shot from that venue – an ice cream vendor shopping his goodies. Shot with my Nikon D600, this was post-processed in Photoshop using several techniques – including using Topaz Simplify 4 to soften up part of the image and Lab color to brighten up some of the colors. This is a modification of a technique I first saw used by Chris Hilgert on Google+.

HDR Photography Photography Photography - Canon 5D Mark II San Francisco/California

The Palace of Fine Arts – in HDR

The Palace of Fine Arts - San Francisco - 2011

Wow, here’s one more shot from this weekend’s photowalk yesterday at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco! When I arrived, the sky was grey and overcast – foggy – typical for July at this venue in San Francisco.

So, I decided not to try to shoot any traditional exposure bracketed shots – the normal drill for HDR photography – because the contrast just wasn’t there without the sun and the shadows. Instead, I just shot single shot RAW photos – which you can see here in this Flickr set.

After playing around a bit with textures this morning, I decided to see what some single-shot HDR (High Dynamic Range) images might look like after processing with Photomatix Pro. The image above is one of those I processed.

What was interesting to me was how the HDR process brought out the full dome – whereas the dome was almost invisible in the normal shots. The sky is classic HDR – almost always gets darker and moody.

What’s special about this shot for me? The swan. She’s a small detail overall in this image – but I really enjoyed watching her move across the water as I was setting up for this shot.

Hope you also enjoy this image! Share your thoughts in a comment below…