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Self-Portrait at San Francisco’s Exploratorium

Self Portrait - San Francisco - 2014

Sometimes reflections hold the key to great images. Here’s a recent example from New Year’s Day – shot outside of San Francisco’s Exploratorium – and it’s glass wall. I really love this image!

Shot with my Fujifilm X-E2. Post-processed in Lightroom 5 and VSCO Film.

Fujifilm X-E2 iPhone 5s Monochrome Photography Photography Photography - Black & White San Francisco/California

The Street Photographer at Work

The Street Photographer at Work

My photo buddy Doug Kaye captured this shot of me yesterday on New Year’s Day as we were shooting the Fog Bridge outside of San Francisco’s Exploratorium.

I don’t seem to be the happy street photographer in this image – but it’s not exactly a posed shot! When I’m out shooting, I’ve typically got one camera on my hip (a Fujifilm X-E2 in this image) and my iPhone 5s in my shirt pocket. I regularly flip between them – depending upon what I see, a need for speed or a desire to slow down and work a subject. Sometimes I’ll have a third camera either on my belt or on my left hip.

In this image, I’d just taken a couple of shots with my Fujifilm X-E2 (see below). I let the Fuji fall to my hip, pulled my iPhone out of my shirt pocket and then turned to see what Doug was doing – bang! – he captured this shot! Good fun!

Doug has a new Sony a7 and a vintage Leica Elmar-M 135mm lens that he recently bought used. It’s a pretty magical lens on the new Sony full frame sensor! Here’s an image I shot of Doug shooting with this camera/lens out on San Francisco’s Pier 7.

This image has been cropped a bit more from Doug’s original – and a touch of platinum toning was applied in Photoshop CC.

Here’s one of the Fujifilm X-E2 shots I took just before turning to look at Doug – tweaked a bit in Lightroom 5:

Fujifilm X-E2 Lightroom Photography Photography - Fujifilm X-E2 San Francisco/California

New Year’s Day 2014

Blue Note - San Francisco - 2014

For the last several years, I’ve headed north to San Francisco on New Year’s Day for some photography. Often, at this time of year, we’ve interesting weather and skies – making for some great opportunities along the coast and at the Golden Gate Bridge.

This year, we weren’t blessed with any of that kind of weather – just another day in paradise with clear blue skies and temperatures approach 70 degrees. I’ve been fighting a nasty cold for the last week or so – and was dying to get outside to do some shooting. Doug Kaye and I decided we’d head for our favorite spot – meeting up around the Ferry Building and heading out from there.

While we’ve shot many times around the Ferry Building, Embarcadero Center, etc. we had not headed north on the Embarcadero and had missed the venues for some great photography along that side.

Over the holiday season, I’d received a card from a friend that had a perspective I’d never seen – turns out it was shot from Pier 7 – a venue we’d never explored. So this morning we did. You can find the set of my images from today here on Flickr.

This particular image is one that I really enjoy. At the new Exploratorium location at Piers 15-17 there’s Fog Bridge – a work by Fujiko Nakaya. It fires off every 30 minutes and Doug and I waited to see it in action. I shot the image above with my Fujifilm X-E2 and post-processed it in Lightroom 5. I call it “Blue Note“.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to explore the inside of the new Exploratorium today – but it’s on our list for future visit!