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Wow – HDR is now Built-In to Apple’s iOS 4.1!

Yaaaay! Apple this morning announced that high dynamic range photography is going to be built into iOS 4.1! Details to follow!

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Learning HDR? – Tips to Avoiding Big Mistakes!

Trey Ratcliff from has just published “Top 10 HDR Mistakes, and How to Fix Them“, another one of in his new eBooks series.

Top 10 Mistakes in HDR Processing - eBookTrey’s the master of all things HDR – his free HDR tutorial was my tutor when I first started playing with high dynamic range photography a couple of years ago. This new 37 page eBook walks through the top 10 mistakes beginners make when getting started in HDR. One of them, his point about saturation of the three primary colors, was a real insight for me. By the way, both Trey’s new book and his earlier one about his digital workflow both look spectacular on my iPad! I use Dropbox to get it from my MacBook Pro onto the iPad and then into iBooks as a PDF – works slick!

You can order/download this new eBook here for $9.97 – and see his other eBooks here.

(Note: If you click here to buy Trey’s new eBook, I’ll earn an affiliate fee on your purchase.)

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Sausalito Boardwalk – iPad Wallpaper – Canon S90 HDR

Early yesterday, I took off on a photo shoot expedition up to Marin County – and ended up capturing one of my favorite shots of San Francisco Bay with my tiny Canon PowerShot S90.

San Francisco Bay View from Sausalito Boardwalk - iPad Wallpaper

It’s been a very popular photo on Flickr – and tonight I made a version of it available for personal use on iPads – 1600 pixels wide, 132 pixels/inch – just perfect. It’s available for non-commercial use (like on your iPad!) via a Creative Commons license.

If you’ve got an iPad and are looking for some new wallpaper, take a look at this image! You can customize it (using Photoshop or Preview) to add you own personal information to the image – so that if you happen to leave you iPad behind it’s got its own “luggage tag” built-in. If you want to license it for commercial rights, contact me:


PS: You may also want to check out Trey Ratcliff’s iPad wallpaper app – based on his spectacular HDR images that he shares on daily.

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Tweaks to My HDR Settings for the Canon PowerShot S90

The Canon PowerShot S90 I bought last fall (when my right shoulder was basically out of commission due to a massive rotator cuff tear) has proven to be a great camera for High Dynamic Range photography – in addition to everyday use.

UC Berkeley Campanile (Sather Tower) (HDR)

Yesterday, I headed out to try to master the settings for HDR on the S90 – heading over to Berkeley to shoot some photos on the UC Berkeley campus (see this Flickr set). I had posted the basic settings I’ve been using back in late January.

Yesterday, I experimented a bit more – particularly moving away from fixed to Auto ISO and ensuring that the f/stop I used was set to the mid-point of the remaining range available after you’ve composed the shot and cranked in any zoom. Allowing the ISO to be managed by the camera helps ensure that the under and overexposed shots are actually achievable. My earlier experience with fixed ISO was that I’d sometimes end up with one of them not being a full 2 f/stops away from normal.

In post-processing, I also experimented with the new HDR Pro feature of Photoshop CS5. I came away liking some of the results but continue to like the Photomatix Pro effects better. I’ll continue experimenting with Photoshop CS5 as I’m still learning how to tweak the results to come closer to my favorite look with Photomatix. When I have a chance, I’ll post some comparison shots between the two post-processing tools on Flickr.

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New from Trey Ratcliff: Digital Workflow for Photographers

Trey Ratcliff at StanfordA few months ago, I had the opportunity to do a photowalk at Stanford with Trey Ratcliff (that’s me with the tiny Canon S90 on my tripod!). It was a rainy, wet day – Trey was tweeting with us in real time about maybe yes, maybe no for the photowalk – yet about 45 of us turned out to meet Trey at the Oval and to then walk with him through Stanford Memorial Church up to the Tressider Union.

This photowalk with Trey at Stanford was one of those experiences you really remember – with Trey taking time to meet each of us – in the rain, helping us with our shooting and even passing out goodies with his Dad (including his Mom’s fudge!) as we relaxed together at the end of our photowalk. In the days afterwards, he shared his comments on our shooting together that late wet afternoon in our Stuck in Stanford Flickr group. It really doesn’t get much better than this in life – a special couple of hours!

Trey’s a pretty interesting guy – he’s the proprietor of a beautiful website at and the author of one of my favorite books: A World in HDR. His HDR tutorial on (described in more detail in the book) is the way I learned how to shoot HDR! His daily email newsletter is always gorgeous and inspiring! HIs tweets and Facebook page equally so. (Too bad Trey’s a Nikon shooter! In case you were wondering, I’m a Canon guy!)

Digital Workflow for PhotographersTrey’s now sharing some of the unique skills he’s developed as his photography has become his business in a new eBook titled Digital Workflow for Photographers. If you’re interested in learning how a smart pro manages his digital photography workflow, Trey’s eBook is what you need.

The eBook is available in two versions – the basic book ($15.95) and a slightly more expensive version ($19.95) that includes extra screenshots showing how Trey does it along with illustrations for managing the multiple images required for HDR photos.

(Note: If you click here to buy Trey’s new eBook, I’ll earn an affiliate fee on your purchase.)

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My Tips for a New Photographer – and Canon PowerShot S90 Owner

I recently received the following email:

I saw your web site and thought you might be a good resource for a recommendation. I am new to photography (I know next to nothing) and I want to at least learn the basics. I just purchased an S90 and I want to learn how to use it. My problem is I know zero about photography. I was wondering if you were aware of any potential web resources I could use to learn elementary photography. Any pointers or web resources you might recommend are greatly appreciated.

Here’s my reply…would you have any other tips for him? Please share them in comments below!

Thanks for your email – and congratulations on getting the Canon PowerShot S90 – it’s an amazingly great camera! See my earlier posts about the S90!

As for learning, let me suggest a few sites:

Hope this helps! Send me a few of your best photos!