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New from Trey Ratcliff: Digital Workflow for Photographers

Trey Ratcliff at StanfordA few months ago, I had the opportunity to do a photowalk at Stanford with Trey Ratcliff (that’s me with the tiny Canon S90 on my tripod!). It was a rainy, wet day – Trey was tweeting with us in real time about maybe yes, maybe no for the photowalk – yet about 45 of us turned out to meet Trey at the Oval and to then walk with him through Stanford Memorial Church up to the Tressider Union.

This photowalk with Trey at Stanford was one of those experiences you really remember – with Trey taking time to meet each of us – in the rain, helping us with our shooting and even passing out goodies with his Dad (including his Mom’s fudge!) as we relaxed together at the end of our photowalk. In the days afterwards, he shared his comments on our shooting together that late wet afternoon in our Stuck in Stanford Flickr group. It really doesn’t get much better than this in life – a special couple of hours!

Trey’s a pretty interesting guy – he’s the proprietor of a beautiful website at and the author of one of my favorite books: A World in HDR. His HDR tutorial on (described in more detail in the book) is the way I learned how to shoot HDR! His daily email newsletter is always gorgeous and inspiring! HIs tweets and Facebook page equally so. (Too bad Trey’s a Nikon shooter! In case you were wondering, I’m a Canon guy!)

Digital Workflow for PhotographersTrey’s now sharing some of the unique skills he’s developed as his photography has become his business in a new eBook titled Digital Workflow for Photographers. If you’re interested in learning how a smart pro manages his digital photography workflow, Trey’s eBook is what you need.

The eBook is available in two versions – the basic book ($15.95) and a slightly more expensive version ($19.95) that includes extra screenshots showing how Trey does it along with illustrations for managing the multiple images required for HDR photos.

(Note: If you click here to buy Trey’s new eBook, I’ll earn an affiliate fee on your purchase.)

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