Sausalito Boardwalk – iPad Wallpaper – Canon S90 HDR

Early yesterday, I took off on a photo shoot expedition up to Marin County – and ended up capturing one of my favorite shots of San Francisco Bay with my tiny Canon PowerShot S90.

San Francisco Bay View from Sausalito Boardwalk - iPad Wallpaper

It’s been a very popular photo on Flickr – and tonight I made a version of it available for personal use on iPads – 1600 pixels wide, 132 pixels/inch – just perfect. It’s available for non-commercial use (like on your iPad!) via a Creative Commons license.

If you’ve got an iPad and are looking for some new wallpaper, take a look at this image! You can customize it (using Photoshop or Preview) to add you own personal information to the image – so that if you happen to leave you iPad behind it’s got its own “luggage tag” built-in. If you want to license it for commercial rights, contact me:


PS: You may also want to check out Trey Ratcliff’s iPad wallpaper app – based on his spectacular HDR images that he shares on daily.

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