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My Tips for a New Photographer – and Canon PowerShot S90 Owner

I recently received the following email:

I saw your web site and thought you might be a good resource for a recommendation. I am new to photography (I know next to nothing) and I want to at least learn the basics. I just purchased an S90 and I want to learn how to use it. My problem is I know zero about photography. I was wondering if you were aware of any potential web resources I could use to learn elementary photography. Any pointers or web resources you might recommend are greatly appreciated.

Here’s my reply…would you have any other tips for him? Please share them in comments below!

Thanks for your email – and congratulations on getting the Canon PowerShot S90 – it’s an amazingly great camera! See my earlier posts about the S90!

As for learning, let me suggest a few sites:

Hope this helps! Send me a few of your best photos!


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