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Learning HDR? – Tips to Avoiding Big Mistakes!

Trey Ratcliff from has just published “Top 10 HDR Mistakes, and How to Fix Them“, another one of in his new eBooks series.

Top 10 Mistakes in HDR Processing - eBookTrey’s the master of all things HDR – his free HDR tutorial was my tutor when I first started playing with high dynamic range photography a couple of years ago. This new 37 page eBook walks through the top 10 mistakes beginners make when getting started in HDR. One of them, his point about saturation of the three primary colors, was a real insight for me. By the way, both Trey’s new book and his earlier one about his digital workflow both look spectacular on my iPad! I use Dropbox to get it from my MacBook Pro onto the iPad and then into iBooks as a PDF – works slick!

You can order/download this new eBook here for $9.97 – and see his other eBooks here.

(Note: If you click here to buy Trey’s new eBook, I’ll earn an affiliate fee on your purchase.)

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