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Morning Reading – Saturday, December 19, 2020

Shields and Brooks celebrate a lifetime in American politics | PBS NewsHour

I grew up when a man was in the White House who said very simply, the measure of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much, but whether we provide enough for those who have too little. … — it was Franklin Roosevelt.

How Trump’s denial and mismanagement led to the covid pandemic’s dark winter – Washington Post

As for the president, he did not appear at all.

Dreaming of My Vaccination Day | The New Yorker

How will I know who’s vaccinated? Will the local papers write up vaccination announcements with black-and-white photos, detailing who got vaccinated, and when, and what makes them and their vaccinations so special?

How CA theme parks are pivoting to rescue their lucrative holiday seasons

At this time last year, Disneyland was so busy that on December 27, the park hit capacity and stopped selling tickets or allowing passholders through the gates. This year, it’s a different story.

How suspected Russian hackers outed their massive cyberattack – POLITICO

The suspicious log-in prompted the firm, FireEye, to begin investigating what it ultimately determined to be a highly damaging vulnerability in software used across the government and by many Fortune 500 companies.

How to Understand the Russia Hack Fallout | WIRED

This is the core danger of a supply chain attack such as the SolarWinds breach. Attackers get a huge amount of access all at once and can have their pick of the victims while responders are left playing catch up.

The US Should Remove Its Nukes from Europe – Defense One

Bringing the B61s home would be a first step in openly acknowledging that. It’s long past time that Oppenheimer’s “two scorpions” analogy ceased to apply.

How newsletters are making big bucks from your inbox | Financial Times

The weird thing about the email-newsletter revolution is not how big it has become but why it is happening now. How did something compiled by churches, clubs and far-flung families for hundreds of years suddenly become a hot, multimillion-dollar, VC-backed industry?

Barry Ritholtz and Josh Brown Won’t Predict The Market, But They’ll Talk About Anything Else. | Barron’s

When I met Barry, I said, “Whatever you’re doing, I want to be part of it.” He said, “I don’t deal with clients. That will be your role.” In my blog, I share what I’m learning in real time. There’s always a new topic—cryptocurrency, tariffs, interest rates, the intersection of elections with markets. I try to share my own process.

What to Do Before You Die: A Tech Checklist – WSJ

There are two big areas to this topic. The first is how new technology can capture our important life stories, perhaps in new interactive ways, for the generations to come. The second, more mundane part is dealing with your digital life—how your accounts, files and folders can make it into someone else’s hands.

Al Cohen, D.C. magic shop proprietor and mentor to many, dies at 94 – The Washington Post

“I never get tired of it, every day is a fun day,” he told The Post. “What more can you ask from life?”

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