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Morning Reading – Friday, December 18, 2020

Mark Shields and the Best of American Liberalism – The New York Times

Mark, like many who came of age in the 1950s and 1960s — including Joe Biden — was imprinted with the idea that politics is a deeply noble profession, a form of service, a vocation.

Donald Trump’s New Brand Is Loser | The New Yorker

Whatever the other reasons are for his ongoing post-election temper tantrum, it couldn’t be more clear that Trump is also motivated by the simple psychological fact that he really, really hates being called a “loser.” It’s one of his favorite insults, and a label he would do anything to avoid having affixed to his own name.

Opinion | Russia hasn’t just hacked our computer systems. It’s hacked our minds. – The Washington Post

The most startling fact about 2020 is not that Trump tried to overturn the results of the election. Many of us predicted he would try. What is stunning is that, according to the polls, 60 million Americans believe his assertions and the series of lies that sustain them.

Can We Do Twice as Many Covid-19 Vaccinations? – The New York Times

While we know that the single dose can protect against disease, we don’t yet know how long this immune protection will last, and at what level. However, there is no rule that says that vaccines must be boosted within weeks of each other.

How to Reform the Presidency After the Wreckage of Trump – The New York Times

The strength of a presidency is measured by its capacity for effective executive leadership. Mr. Trump’s record of feckless leadership was closely related to his unrelenting efforts to defy or destroy constraining institutions.

Republicans’ road ahead is still blocked — and not just by Trump – The Washington Post

The GOP’s inability to maintain internal discipline leaves it vulnerable to extreme ideas.

Why Mail-Order Citrus Is Totally Worth It: A Smart Shopper’s Guide – WSJ

Buy direct from small growers and you’ll rediscover old varieties like the aforementioned Daisy mandarin, with a deep-orange flesh that Mr. Karp calls “god come to earth in a citrus fruit,” or the sweet-tart Temple orange that fell out of favor, having been deemed too seedy.

‘Unsinkable’ Review: Set Ablaze, Still Fighting – WSJ

To make such details compelling reading is an accomplishment. More significantly, Mr. Sullivan takes pains to illuminate and honor a lost world.

Coronavirus Ended Japan’s Tourist Boom, but Kyoto Carries On – WSJ

Act as if things are normal and you’re one step closer to ensuring that they really are.

The Monday When America Came Back – WSJ (Peggy Noonan)

It seems a funny thing to say of public policy, but so much of what doesn’t work in life has to do with an absence of love.

Schedule send – Austin Kleon

My dream is to never have to answer email at all. John Waters says real wealth is never having to deal with assholes, but real wealth for me would also mean no email.

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