Monday Musings

Photo by Scott Loftesness – Rome 2016

Morning Reading – Monday, December 20, 2020

Trump Is Losing His Mind – The Atlantic

Given Trump’s psychological profile, it was inevitable that when he felt the walls of reality close in on him—in 2020, it was the pandemic, the cratering economy, and his election defeat—he would detach himself even further from reality.

Trump’s Bad Exit – WSJ

Mr. Trump doesn’t want to admit he lost, and he can duck the inauguration if he likes. But his sore loser routine is beginning to grate even on millions who voted for him.

The Cyber Threat Is Real and Growing – WSJ

Using a network-management company’s supply chain of updates to penetrate targeted networks is exceptionally smart. This tactic will spawn imitators, and not only among governments.

He Wanted to Count Every Vote in Philadelphia. His Party Had Other Ideas. – The New York Times

“Democracies have embedded within themselves what it takes to undo themselves. America will obviously never be defeated by an external force that would end the republic. It’s only possible to end it from within.”

How Russia Wins the Climate Crisis – The New York Times

Russia hopes to seize on the warming temperatures and longer growing seasons brought by climate change to refashion itself as one of the planet’s largest producers of food.

How I Blew My Bitcoin on Sushi – The New York Times

It’s a great time to be a longtime owner of the currency, and a painful time to be a person who once spent 10.354 Bitcoin (including tip) on a dinner for strangers. Yes, that person is me.

The Greatest Restaurant City in America Is Hurting More Than You Know – The New York Times

It’s as if pages of a cherished scrapbook are being ripped out and thrown away, one after another after another. We’re losing the past along with the present and the future. We’re losing the very refuges we might have gone to for solace.

A Christmas Star? Jupiter and Saturn Alignment Sparks Comparisons – WSJ

Jupiter and Saturn will appear to nearly touch in the night sky on the winter solstice this Monday, in a rare alignment that has happened only twice since the Middle Ages.

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