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Morning reading – Thursday, December 17, 2020

How Savannah Guthrie and Kristen Welker Won the 2020 Election Coverage | Vogue

In a season of political tumult, amid an increasingly polarized and partisan media landscape, Guthrie and Welker have emerged as pillars of the fourth estate—two roundly tough-but-fair network newswomen determined to hold leaders of both parties to account.

Thank the Supreme Court, for Now – The New York Times

Texas v. Pennsylvania had the form of a Supreme Court case. But it was a Potemkin village of a case, with the proper Gothic typeface on the front cover but nothing inside that resembled sound legal argument. It’s as if someone filed a case asking the court to exercise its original jurisdiction and declare the moon to be made of green cheese.

Wait Until March – The Atlantic

Keep your fingers crossed, knock on wood, sprinkle evil eyes in every nook and cranny, and offer a thought and a prayer and more coffee to the millions who will be working hard to pull this off. The future—even the near future—looks hopeful, even as the current moment looks particularly grim.

Germany’s Winning Covid Strategy Has Stopped Working – WSJ

Scientists, politicians and psychologists say many Germans, including some in the government, made a fatal error of judgment after Germany emerged comparatively unscathed last summer: They thought they were safe.

Pfizer vaccine: Trump administration pushing for more doses this spring – The Washington Post

That means the supply of remaining vaccine could be up to 40 percent greater, though the drugmaker cautions that it’s uncertain how many extra doses are available.

I Was the Homeland Security Adviser to Trump. We’re Being Hacked. – The New York Times

The actual and perceived control of so many important networks could easily be used to undermine public and consumer trust in data, written communications and services.

Dianne Feinstein is the least of our problems – The Washington Post

Biden’s team of top advisers is so stuffed full of friends of the family that the only place to stick spring-chicken outsider Pete Buttigieg, 38, was at the Transportation Department, which shows you how sensitive the incoming administration is to the optics of the age imbalance — and how insensitive to the substance.

This Is Not the Way New Yorkers Normally Greet a Major Snowstorm – The New York Times

The snow day began nine months ago. And in the sort of reversal that could only happen in this pandemic era, a heavy snowstorm is, to many, a most welcome change, something new to look at from the windows that New Yorkers have lived behind since March.

Inside the font factory: meet the man who shapes the world’s letters | Financial Times

Everywhere you look, even if you don’t notice it, there’s a Dalton Maag font.

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