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Morning Reading – Thursday, December 10, 2020

It’s Human Rights Day today.

To reduce the wear and tear of flying, I buy 2 seats in coach, window and middle, so there is always an empty seat next to me. This provides enough space to use my laptop, place things on the empty middle seat, avoid unwanted intimacy.

Edward Tufte, Seeing with Fresh Eyes

Creativity Bootcamp and the Long Walk — Roden Explorers Archive

Overall, I found the day-after-day grind of the walk-and-write caused me to be a much closer observer throughout the day. I noticed better and with more intention — how the hulking, violent highways and bypasses affected the tenor of the villages through which I walked, the subtle language changes as I crossed a mountain range from Mie to Shiga Prefecture, the rough vocal tone of a certain mochi maker or the distressed vibe of a third or forth generation barber at the end of his line.

Dianne Feinstein’s Missteps Raise a Painful Age Question Among Senate Democrats | The New Yorker

“It was like Groundhog Day, but with the pain fresh each time.”

What Really Saved the Republic From Trump? – The New York Times

You might call these values our “unwritten constitution.” Whatever you call them, they were the decisive factor.

Berthe Morisot’s ‘Young Woman Watering a Shrub’ is a modest masterpiece at Virginia’s Museum of Fine Arts – Washington Post

There’s something about it — a tenderness, a modesty, a matter-of-factness — that, like a good martini, crosses my blood-brain barrier as soon as I see it.

It May Feel Like Winter, but It’s Time to Shop for Seeds – The New York Times

I don’t advocate hoarding seed, but when it comes to seed catalogs, I say more is better (whether in print or online). Each has its specialties. Plus, they make for good reading.

Citi-Revlon Lawsuit Tests Two Competing Legal Principles – Bloomberg

The $900 million Citi-Revlon lawsuit that started on Wednesday is a law professor’s dream. The case, which is being heard by Judge Jesse Furman in federal district court in New York, pits two entirely logical and reasonable principles against one another.

Hello, World! It Is ‘I,’ the Internet | WIRED

Remember when we used to write out “the Internet” with a capital “I”? Now it’s all in lower case, as if the Internet could be any old “internet” at all. When did this change happen, and why didn’t I notice it at the time?

Watch Elon Musk’s Starship Rocket Go Out With A Boom Wile E. Coyote Style

The test was by some measures a success, as the craft was able to reach high altitude and terminate its flight at a particular location, although the landing resulted in a fireball seemingly ripped straight from Looney Tunes. 

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