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Morning Reading – Friday, December 11, 2020

The Man Who Found Forrest Fenn’s Treasure | Outside Online

With the chest located, one part of the treasure hunt is finished now—the chase, the part that obsessed all of us and pushed us to places we maybe shouldn’t have been. But the story has not ended. So many people have a stake in this hunt, it means so much to so many, that the tale didn’t, and doesn’t, end with a man finding a treasure chest. 

Airbnb Reflections | Greylock (Reid Hoffman)

Literally two minutes into the pitch, I told them, “Look, I’m going to make you an offer to invest. Let’s make the rest of the session a working session.” … What happened in those two minutes to convince me? Part of the entrepreneurship game is deciding what league to play in. There’s the junior league, the varsity league, and then there’s the big leagues. Generally speaking, as investors and entrepreneurs, you want to go after ideas where, if you succeed, it transforms an industry or even the world. Those two minutes showed me that Airbnb’s founders wanted to play in the big leagues.

The best travel podcasts to listen to right now – The Washington Post

In the past week, I have driven nearly 11,000 miles from London to Mongolia, walked the Amazon from top to bottom and sat under a baobab tree in Senegal, listening to chirping birds. My travel was completely safe: I simply slipped on headphones.

Saying Goodbye to the Trips of a Lifetime – The New York Times

But they gave me something far more precious: a final few hours with my father. I just didn’t know it at the time.

Covid News: Pandemic Creates New Kind of Financial Midlife Crisis – Bloomberg

She stopped focusing on making money and began concentrating on her emotional wellbeing. As part of her healing process, she began baking cookies.

How ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Is Inspiring Women to Take Up Chess – The New York Times

“It wakes up my brain in the morning,” she said. “I don’t think there are many things that I could do in the morning that gives me that thinking pattern.”

From Bob Dylan to Blondie — why investors are buying up hit songs | Financial Times

“Great, proven songs have predictable, reliable income. It is better than gold or oil,” he argues, comparing the steady rise in the value of music with assets whose value can swing wildly depending on world events.

The Republican Party Is Abandoning Democracy – The Atlantic

When Donald Trump was granted a coat of arms for his Scottish golf courses in 2012 (after a lengthy court battle, of course), he chose as its motto “Numquam concedere”: Never concede. He has not…

Hydrogen-powered flight – Is the time now ripe for planes to run on hydrogen? | Science & technology | The Economist

The allure is great. Hydrogen packs three times as much energy per kilogram as kerosene, the current standard aviation fuel, and lightness is at a premium aloft.

French Onion Soup | Ruhlman

What I love about traditional French onion soup is that no stock is necessary for this soup. It’s just onions, water, seasonings and patience. You’re basically making onion stock, flavoring it with salt vinegar and a splash of wine.

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