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Morning Reading – Wednesday, December 09, 2020

American history is about outcomes. Will we pass the covid-19 test? – The Washington Post

The vaccine is coming, but the crisis is already here. History’s account of Americans in this pandemic will focus on what we do starting now. Our lack of leadership has been depressing

The Vaccine as Fire Hose – The New York Times

A vaccine is like a fire hose. A vaccine that’s 95 percent effective, as Moderna’s and Pfizer’s versions appear to be, is a powerful fire hose. But the size of a fire is still a bigger determinant of how much destruction occurs.

Experts Debate How To Prepare For the Next Pandemic – The New York Times

The vaccine is not the end of the pandemic recovery period, but the beginning. Once the virus is under control, the nation faces disarray: millions of people unemployed, communities shattered by the loss of businesses, a generation with a disrupted education and deepened systemic inequalities.

One Man’s Rolodex Helps Operation Warp Speed Live Up to Its Name – Bloomberg

Operation Warp Speed is betting that CD24Fc will become the new standard. Merck aiming to ramp up its manufacturing of the intravenous therapy in the first half of 2021, and Slaoui said the U.S. is in talks to buy that production.  

US to shift burden from banks in overhaul of money laundering laws | Financial Times

The US Congress is expected this week to approve the first overhaul of the country’s anti-money laundering laws in decades…

Donald Trump’s Legacy of Lies – The Atlantic

America under Trump became less free, less equal, more divided, more alone, deeper in debt, swampier, dirtier, meaner, sicker, and deader. It also became more delusional. No number from Trump’s years in power will be more lastingly destructive than his 25,000 false or misleading statements.

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