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Friday Fotos on the Streets of San Francisco

Yerba Buena - San Francisco - 2015

Doug Kaye and I headed out for one of our Friday photo shoots today on the streets on San Francisco. It was a beautiful day – we started, as usual, at the Ferry Building and walked up Market Street before jogging over on Fremont Street to Howard and then up to Yerba Buena Center.

I shot with my Fujifilm X100T – accidentally leaving it in JPEG only mode (I usually shoot in JPEG + RAW). Doug was shooting with his Leica M6 on film. As it turned out, my JPEGs felt a lot like I had shot the day shooting film!

Hope you enjoy the images! The full set is in this album on Flickr.

Solo - San Francisco - 2015
The Wall and Tree - San Francisco - 2015
Act Brilliantly - San Francisco - 2015
Stride - San Francisco - 2015
A Mighty Stream - San Francisco - 2015
Solitude - San Francisco - 2015
Rapture - San Francisco - 2015
Checking In - San Francisco - 2015
Glance - San Francisco - 2015

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