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2015-04-05 19.11.17

Over the last couple of years, I’ve gotten into the practice of making a photo book out of any major photography event in my life. Those events might include workshops I’ve taken, travels I’ve made – or, for each year, an annual portfolio book. These books are one of the rare times that my images get produced on paper. In fact, I don’t even own a printer at this point – and, for the rare occasion when I do want a print, I’ll most often do a print at my local Costco warehouse!

I’ve primarily used iPhoto and Apple’s book capabilities for these photo books. The quality has been excellent – and the tools in iPhoto make the creation of the book reasonably straightforward. I’ve done one book using Blurb and the book module in Lightroom – my “Faces of Cuba” book. I plan to explore more of Blurb’s capabilities in the future.

Last night I pulled together my most recent photo book – Paris 2014 – based on images from a wonderful week last fall in Paris as part of a street photography workshop led by Valérie Jardin. It was a wonderful experience – perfect weather, beautiful city, and a great group of workshop colleagues who enjoyed each others’ company. Most of my images from this book came from this album.

I used iPhoto again for this book – probably for the last time given how Photos is soon to replace iPhoto on my Mac. I’m looking forward to receiving the final printed copy of the book and adding it to my archive of my other personal photo books that document those special photography events in my life!

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