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Captive on Irving Street in San Francisco

Captive on Irving Street - San Francisco - 2015

Tonight we were out to dinner up in San Francisco with my son, his wife and our two granddaughters. We had a wonderful New Year’s Day dinner!

While walking back to our car – parked on Irving Street – this N Judah Muni Metro streetcar came along and I couldn’t resist shooting the people inside the streetcar. For street photographers, streetcars are yet another “stage” – a place where we can wait and watch for interesting people.

When you’re shooting this kind of scene, you need to just fire away – it’s too hard to see whether the “captives” are noticing you – much less looking at you. Tonight I shot about a dozen images of this streetcar – in about 20 seconds. I came away with two images in which the “captives” were looking at me – and this was the better of the two. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Shot with my Fujifilm X100T in JPEG with Classic Chrome film emulation.

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