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That Discussion at San Francisco’s Ferry Building

Discussion - San Francisco - 2014

As I was leaving San Francisco’s Ferry Building, I came across this scene – in the bright sunshine and dark shadows I shot this image with my iPhone 6. The advertising posters provide curious backdrops to an intense discussion underway between this couple. And the guy off to the right is clearly wondering what I’m doing – as he’s looking right at me.

Jaime Ibarra told me one time that fingers in an image are all important. His background as a flamenco guitar artist influenced his view – but he’s right. Most of the best gestures in an image include fingers – including this one.

What makes a great image? Not sure I know – but I find the multiple areas of interest in this one capture my eyes. The contrast, the posters, the curves of the shadows – and the people.

One reply on “That Discussion at San Francisco’s Ferry Building”

There’s a lot in this one Scott…well done…the poster in the foreground I know is of some kind of leaves but sort of reminds me of a fracture in a rock and there’s the couple having “that” conversation..very heavy by the look of it..then there’s the guy at the back who looks as if he might be trying to hear what those two are saying…nice layers..poignant human moment…nice one!

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