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Bookends – The Color Version

Bookends #2 - New York City - 2010

I’ve got two photos of mine hanging in my home office. One is a wide image shot at Sparks Lake near Bend, Oregon this summer. The other is a monochrome version of this “Bookends” image. Both are Sizzlpix images – and they’re magnificent. No frames, they just stand out from the wall as if they’re floating there. Beautiful.

I’ve been wanting to go back to “Bookends” for a while – to try a color version. The monochrome is very powerful – but there are some beautiful colors in the original shot taken with my Canon PowerShop S90 (since sold!).

This version was re-edited in Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CC. A subtle use of Topaz Simplify 4 was applied before using the Camera Raw filter to make some final tweaks. A bit of sharpening and a vignette applied back in Lightroom finished it off.

Brings back such great memories of our visit to New York!…

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