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Four Men in Havana

Four Men - Havana - 2013

After reading about Saul Leiter’s death early this week, I started scanning back through some of my images looking for some vivid color shots with either scarcity of stuff or an abundance of stuff in the image.

I came across this one – shot in Havana in late January. That’s my friend Doug Kaye out of focus in the lower right looking at this scene. The title comes from the four men I see in the image – maybe you can find even more! What’s fun to me about this image is how my eye just keeps exploring around the scene – it’s so chock full of interesting stuff, color, and texture.

Shot with a Nikon D600 and the 85mm Nikkor prime lens. Post-processed in Lightroom 5 with VSCO Film and in Photoshop CC.

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