Living Norway Photography

A Look Back to Bryggen in Bergen, Norway


In June 2002 – some 11-1/2 years ago – we made a family pilgrimage to my Dad’s family’s home country of Norway. At the time, he was 81 years old – and this trip turned out to be such a delight for him – and for all of us!

We were in Norway that year at mid-summer (late June) when the days are long. I had a new Kodak DC290 Digital Camera along to take pictures. Looking back at my Lightroom photo master library, my earliest digital images (made in March 2000) were made with this camera. This camera – a true ugly duckling to look at – had a whopping 2 megapixel sensor – but I was able to capture some wonderful images with it.

I’m not sure what caused me to go back looking for this image tonight. I remember having such a lovely time in Bergen where we had an overnight before heading to the family homestead way up the Sognefjord across from Sogndal. This shot was taken of the Hanseatic buildings in Bryggen as we were departing Bergen on a high speed catamaran ferry that took us up the fjord. I’ve post-processed it in Photoshop CC to remove some camera shake, simplify the waves in the water, and add a touch of painterly effect to the buildings themselves.

Brings back such good memories – I can almost smell the salty air!

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