Visiting Loftesnes, Norway

A picture named Sogndal_bru-loftesnes.jpgI recently took one of those “vacations of a lifetime” to Norway.

Turns out my great grandfather immigrated to the US in the mid-1800’s. He with his family left a place named Loftesnes on the big Sognefjord in Norway. Sometime after immigrating to the US, a second ‘s’ was added to our last name — probably to “English-ize” it.

In the photo at right (courtesy of the Hofslund Fjord Hotel), I’ve labeled Loftesnes which is just across the bridge from the town of Sogndal.

The hotel itself, where I stayed on the journey, is right on the fjord and has a beautiful overlook of the fjord to the south/southwest.

Once you’ve seen this place, you wonder how one could ever leave! Of course, life was very different there 150 years ago — and the new frontier of America called…

I wonder what my family’s first July 4th was like in their new country?

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  1. Hi Scott- I enjoyed the article even though I read it 9 years after being printed. I’m pretty sure we are related as our family came from Norway, settled in the Sioux Falls area and added the extra S to their name and then dropped it when moving to North Dakota.

  2. Hi Scott, I spent a year at school in Sogndal, based at the youth hostel beside Loftesnes Bridge. 2 of my teachers were Finn and Kari Loftesnes. Great people in an amazing place! I believe that Finn still teaches nature photography at the school

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