Along the Waterfront and the Picture Postcard Workflow

Hercules and Eureka - San Francisco - 2013

In late August, Doug Kaye, Chris Chabot and I visited the San Francisco National Maritime Museum – it was one of my first times out with a new Fujifilm X100S. This image – shot at f/10, 1/800, ISO 200 – shows the great capture capability of the X100S – Tug Hercules and the ferry boat Eureka. This image was post-processed using VSCO Film 04 and Lightroom 5.

After considering this version of the image, I knew we could do better. There’s a distinct blue cast to it – which you can see in the white paint on the Eureka.

The Picture Postcard Workflow taught by Dan Margulis teaches us that the first thing we must do to every image is to adjust the color. So, I bought this version into Photoshop CC and went through the adjustment process using RGB curves. That took care of the blue cast nicely.

I then used Shadows/Highlights to bring out more detail in the shadows near the bow of the Hercules and then used the Man from Mars/Color Boost technique to add more color separation. A final sharpening step using the Sharpen 2013 action with reduced opacity results in this version of the image – much nicer I believe!

Hercules and Eureka - San Francisco - 2013

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