The Watcher – Havana – 2013

The Watcher - Havana - 2013

In Havana our hotel was just off the Prado – a busy place with lots of interesting people out and about. On this day, we were heading to lunch at a local restaurant – walking up this sidewalk – when I saw this guy ahead. It’s not a perfect shot – it’s not in crisp focus, there are some processing artifacts because of how much I had to pull the image to make it interesting. But I still like it.

I call him the Watcher. Maybe he’s actually doing other things – but when I walked by him he was observing everything pretty intently behind those – red – sunglasses. He has ATTITUDE!

The Watcher is part of my Faces of Cuba portfolio. He almost didn’t make it because the image quality is a bit marginal but I decided to let him into the club! Shot with a Nikon D600. Post-processing using Lightroom 5, VSCO 04 Film and Photoshop CC.

One Reply to “The Watcher – Havana – 2013”

  1. Nice series Scott! It is fun to discover the white of one eye in there – at first glance I assumed the glasses would be too dark.

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