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The Photographer – Havana – 2013

The Photographer - Havana - 2013

One of the real treats of our week in Havana was being able to shoot on the streets with Cuban professional photographers. They showed us their favorite venues and helped us appreciate the rich textures of Havana in our photography.

We were fortunate to be teamed with several outstanding Cuban photographers – including this one. He’s Raúl Cañibano Ercilla – a superb street photographer. I had some much fun just watching him work – how something would catch his eye, how he’d quickly pull his camera up to his eye and snap off a shot or two – and then move on. Just a delight to watch him work.

One afternoon we went to watch a dance exhibition – and I was able to catch this image of Raúl at work – this time using a monopod.

See my earlier post about Raúl’s portfolio book now available for purchase from – it’s a superb body of work.

Raúl is part of my Faces of Cuba portfolio. Post-processed using Lightroom 5, VSCO Film 04, and Photoshop CC.

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