We lost my Dad on this day just a year ago – March 11, 2010. In some ways that seems like just yesterday – as we were gathered around his bed in the hospice home. In other ways, it seems like a long time ago – as other memories flood in.

Curiously, yesterday when I was updating iTunes, it brought up an audio notes file from late 2009 that I had recorded on my iPhone at a family get together (his 88th birthday celebration). I had forgotten all about that file! Hearing Dad’s voice again brings back even more of those memories… We miss him dearly!

Yesterday would have been my late good friend Chris Gulker‘s 60th birthday. His wife Linda writes about the day in her blog post – with two great photos of Chris – both with cameras in his hands – he was “always shooting”. He was such a good friend over the last few years.

It’s curious to me how these two days are juxtaposed together – Chris’ birthday yesterday and the day of Dad’s death today. Life is mysterious indeed. March will never be quite the same, I’m sure.

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