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Implemented Facebook Comments

Earlier this afternoon, I implemented Facebook Comments here on my personal blog. It was trivially easy. There’s a WordPress plug-in available called, appropriately enough, Facebook Comments, which was a quick install and a straightforward configuration to enable. Once configured, the comments were active.

I fretted a bit about one configuration option – should I leave the old WordPress comments on – or just enable the new Facebook comments system? I decided to leave the old comments on – the new Facebook comments are positioned above the WP comments on the individual post pages.

I made one tweak to the Facebook Comments php code to add a link to #respond just above the Facebook comments section. By default, that link goes to the WP comments from the home page – and I didn’t want that. If someone wants to add a new comment, I’d prefer they do so using the Facebook commenting scheme. [Update: Scratch that – version 3.0 just became available – we’ll see whether I try to make that change again – or not! Turns out I did make the mod – it’s now in facebook-comments-display.php!]

Time will tell whether this makes sense or not. MG Siegler just wrote a post about the experience with Facebook Comments on TechCrunch. Meanwhile, I must say it’s a trivial implementation for a WordPress blog. Yet another example of Facebook extending its reach!

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