2011 – 01 – 01 – Shoot Me!

Shoot Me! - Scott Loftesness - New Year's Day 2011 - San Francisco

Welcome to the new decade! Seems like Y2K was just yesterday, doesn’t it?!

Like last year, I ventured up to San Francisco on New Year’s Day to try to capture some shots with clouds in the sky. But, it wasn’t the best of days – a sloppy winter storm hung over San Francisco – with windy and sloppy rain making it a tough photography day. It was as cold and windy as I’ve ever felt it along the bay by the bridge. I guess it is January, after all!

That said, I had some good fun – capturing one of those serendipity shots. I loved the shot above – taken near the Warming Hut on Crissy Field. I titled it “Shoot Me!“. A couple of friends just having fun out in the wind and rain on the pier.

The rest of today’s set is here on Flickr – a couple of color vs. black and white comparisons of the Golden Gate Bridge and another black and white of the Palace of the Legion of Honor. All shot with my trusty Canon PowerShot S95. I also had my Canon 5D Mark II with me in the car – but it just wasn’t a 5D day!

4 Replies to “2011 – 01 – 01 – Shoot Me!”

  1. Very nice! I like that using the Flickr slideshow, you get sort of a dissolve from color to b&w. Happy New Year. But next year, give me a call if you’re coming all the way up here!

    1. Doug – that is cool (the color to b&w dissolve in the slide show). Will have to keep that in mind for future exploits.

      Yes, should have called. We had a patch of blue sky here in Menlo when I left – had aspirations for same breaking up over the Bay – but no such luck this year!

      This is becoming an annual event – probably my obvious lack of interest in watching football on TV.


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