Every couple of months, I’m involved in teaching one of our Glenbrook Payments Boot Camps as part of my “day job”. We always get a great group of folks from across the payments industry attending our Boot Camps – and teaching is always a lot of fun. Over 3,500 folks have attended one of these sessions since we started them over four years ago.

As anyone who has taught a subject knows, there’s nothing quite like teaching a subject to force you to stay current on what’s happening in a particular industry! My partner Carol Coye Benson leads our Payments Education efforts – and does a superb job at keeping out presentation material up to date!

This week’s Boot Camp was a particularly good group – very interactive, wanting to probe and better understand, and full of great questions. Ironically, we had no bankers in this session – just the innovators!

While I’m in “Boot Camp mode”, I tend to disconnect from the rest of the world – as teaching ends up becoming such a central focus of my attention. Emails get overlooked, I don’t return phone calls – you get the idea.

Tonight, I’m in “re-entry” mode – trying to catch back up with what I’ve missed – and struggling to do so. Fortunately, tomorrow is Friday – and a weekend awaits around the corner! It can’t come soon enough! See you on the other side!

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