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Really Enjoying Photography Podcasts

Twice a week, I ferry the family dog to a session of “doggie day care”. The round trip gives me about 45 minutes in the car to listen to anything I want. I could just listen to the news on the radio – but that often puts me in a cranky mood. So, I look for something better.

Increasingly, of late, I’ve been using that travel time to listen to photography-related podcasts on my iPhone (plugged into the Aux input in my Honda Civic Hybrid). These podcasts have proven to be quite interesting – and have introduced me to some things I otherwise might not have learned about. They are MUCH more fun than listening to the often depressing news of the day!

Today, for example, I listened to two podcasts by Frederick Van Johnson. He’s the host of the ”This Week in Photography” podcast – which I sometimes listen to – but I am finding his individual podcast interviews to, frankly, be more focused and interesting than the group chat that takes place on TWIP.

On today’s drive, I really enjoyed his podcast interview with Michael Corsentino – who, as it turns out, is a master at marketing his wedding and portrait photography simply by his choices about client presentation.

Coming home from our Glenbrook Payments Boot Camp in Santa Clara tonight, Frederick’s interview with Trey Ratcliff of was especially great! Trey is one of the great HDR (High Dynamic Range) photographers – a technique that I’m also enjoying a lot. If you’re into HDR, you’ve got to listen to this podcast!

Yesterday, while driving over to Oakland for a client meeting, I was fascinated by Dave Warner’s interview of Jasmine Star. Dave knows how to ask the right questions – his 1:1 photography podcasts are another favorite of mine!

If you’re into photography like I am – and have the time to listen – be sure to check out the rich treasure trove of great photography podcasts available on iTunes!

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