A Good Week

It’s late on Friday evening – after what turned out to be a very good – if long – week.

On Monday, my shoulder surgeon was pleased that, 12 weeks after rotator cuff surgery, my right arm had 170 degrees of movement – and cleared me to begin – slowly – physical therapy on the right shoulder.

Later that morning, my dermatologist inspected the results of the Mohs surgery I had just before Christmas to remove a relatively large basal cell skin cancer (2 x 2.5 inches) just under the surface of the skin in my right temple area. He (and I) are both pleased with how well that wound is healing. Amazingly, it seems that I’m almost to the point where folks may not notice it.

On Tuesday, I had an all-day client meeting over in the East Bay with a colleague. That session proved to be a lot a fun – in spite of the weather difficulties! Afterwards, I was able to combine my East Bay visits – meeting with a venture investor just across the street who was considering an investment in a good friend’s new startup.

Wednesday and Thursday were Glenbrook Payments Boot Camp days – always a lot of fun and especially with the group we had for this session.

And, today, I actually had my first physical therapy session for my shoulder – with much good news about how well things seem to be working already in spite of my 12 weeks of “downtime”.

That was followed by a working session with another payments-related startup that’s well on it’s way to closing an initial financing round – and then of to lunch with an old friend.

Mid-afternoon, I had my annual physical exam with my primary care physician – and came up with no new surprises. After 2009, I’m hoping 2010 will continue to be a year of no new medically-related surprises!

Capping the evening, we had a great dinner with good friends at Donato in Redwood City.

All in all, it was a great week!

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